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ZTOO Aquarium Air Stone, Air Bubble Stone Ultra Silent Aquarium Bubble Stone Deep Dissolving Oxygen Diffusers Air Pump Accessories for Aquarium Fish Tank

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  • Ideal for your fish tank or aquarium, it is the best partner for air pumps.This product is used to add oxygen to the aquarium. Please use it by connecting the air pipe to the oxygen pump (not including two).
  • Instantly create a large number of tiny bubbles that your fish will like.Durable and reusable. When there is dust clogging or air bubbles decrease, it can be taken out and cleaned.
  • Equipped with suction cups to generate huge force and firmly adhere to the glass surface.
  • Using special ceramic materials, sintered in a high temperature furnace at 1350℃, it is sturdy and durable.
  • A large amount of dissolved oxygen produces fine and abundant bubbles during the day and absorbs carbon dioxide at night.

White color
Material: ceramic, ABS
Stone diameter: 50 mm
Overall diameter: 70 mm
Stone height: 26 mm
Inlet height: 39 mm
Applicable pipe inner diameter: 4 mm
Please use it by connecting the air pipe to the oxygen pump. Before use, it is best to soak it in the fish tank for two hours.

Package Including:
1 x Air Stone
1 x suction cup
1 x control valve