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Zenstyle Dog House Medium/Small Pet Kennel Waterproof & Ventilate Shed with Air Vents & Elevated Floor for Outdoor & Indoor

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  • 🐩 An individual house is the ultimate goal of every pet. This dog house will help your puppies achieve this dream.This delicate kennel provides a warm harbor for your pets like where they can have a good rest especially get exhausted after playing.Your pet will acquire a feeling as a member of a family in this room.They always deserve the best and our house would be their permanent back up!
  • 🐩【Stable & Environment-friendly Construction】The whole structure is crafted of high-density PP material.The advantage of PP material is not easy to corrode and rust.Extremely important for kennels placed outdoor.The surface is covered with non-toxic blue and white painting.Exquisite and environmentally friendly.Your pet dog will never get sick in its house due to the harmful chemicals.Whatever the dog is active,our dog house will present a strong fortress for it.
  • 🐩【Floor Compartment & Slanted Roof】The base of the dog house is about 3 inches black floor compartment.The elevated floor design prevents water flowing in when it is rainy and keep your pet’s paws from feeling uncomfortable from the freezing or scalding ground.The slanted roof enables to divert rainwater away and prevent house deformation or water leakage caused by water ponding.Make your puppy live in peace of mind.
  • 🐩【Ventilation & Extra Foundation】 The air vent promote air circulation inside.Even after installed the gate,the room will always be filled with fresh air instead of odor.And the ventilation design keeps the place cool in summer and warm in winter.Under the black base,there are five columns following the model of the house in the rainforest.Strengthening the stability of base while eliminating damper. Your dog will have a total relax in its home.
  • 🐩【Easy Assembly & Maintenance】All the accessory comes in one package.Just follow the instructions step by step and it won't take a lot of effort.You can also make it apart when having a cleaning.And due to the PP material,you only need to rinse it with a water gun,no need to wipe anymore.After a while,it will get dry itself.This dog house is the top accommodation for your pet dog.