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Zakkart Cat Window Perch for Indoor Cats - 100% Metal Supported from below - Comes with Tailored Spacious Pet Bed - Cat Window Hammock for Large Cats & Kittens - for Sunbathing, Napping & Overlooking

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  • 【STURDIER DESIGN】Our cat window seat is made of 100% iron and holds up to 40 lbs. Its triangular-shaped arms supporting from below make window cat perch STAY PUT WITHOUT WOBBLING when cats jump on and off from all heights above and below. Our window cat bed allows for 100% UNOBSTRUCTED JUMP ENTRY and takes FULL ADVANTAGE OF THE SPACE in contrast to top mounted cables.
  • 【COZY BED INCLUDED】The deluxe bed is designed exclusively for our cat perch window and provides comfort, warmth and security thru cotton-stuffed wall and sherpa covered pad. Spacious enough for large cats stretch out comfortably and completely. NO CHEMICAL SMELLS GUARANTEED.
  • 【PERFECT SUNBATHING SPOT】Cats love being up high to get a view of the birds, squirrels, and neighbors. Our cat hammock for window is an exceptional spot for soaking up the sun and napping as the roomy beds are SUPER comfortable. GREAT FOR sunroom, patio, French door, window sill and more.
  • 【TAKE ONLY SECONDS TO ASSEMBLE】No tools are needed. Simply put together and attach to the window. Your cats can chill on their new cat hammock in just seconds! It would be a great gift for a cat person. Every kitty in town deserves to have one.
  • 【CUSTOMER SERVICE STANDBY】We at Zakkart value our customer experience as the highest priority. If you are not happy with your order, please contact us for quick assistance.

Product Description

The view out the window is much less obstructed.

100% unobstructed jump entry for cats & take full advantage of the space as no wires in their way. No biting on the cord & No risk of legs/tails getting stuck.

Comes with a tailored pet bed. Spacious enough for large cats stretch out comfortably and completely.

Supported by a pair of Triangular-shaped metal arms underneath the perch that holds up to 40 lbs., a much stabler structure thru multiple tests.

Lovely gift for a cat person.


No need to prepare anything else!

Warm Tips To Get Suction Cups To Stay Stuck:

1. Make sure the window you’re applying it to is squeaky clean

2. Rinse the suction cups under warm water to help soften the material

3. Press the suction cup firmly against the surface, making sure there are no air bubbles between the cup and the surface.

4. Test to ensure the system is secure.

5. Let the kitty enjoy!

* A Warm Tip: Temperature and humidity changes can affect the pliability of the suction cup, which could also cause air bubbles to develop and eventually pull the suction cup away from the surface. We recommend testing the system periodically and cleaning both the surface and suction cups when necessary.