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Yu-Xiang 3 Pack Hamster Mini Dustpan and Broom Set Guinea Pig Classical Besom Chinchillas Sweeper Cavy Cage Clean Hedgehogs Scooper for Small Animal (Blue)

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  • Soft, non slip portable recycled plastic dustpan and anti static broom for cleaning your pet cage, it is so durable and easy to clean.
  • Size: Dustpan length is 7.7", width is 5.1". Broom length is 6.9", width is 4.3". Snad shovel length is 4.5".
  • Three colors for your choose. You can choose the best one you like.
  • 3 packs: Dustpan+Broom+Sand shovel. The color of the sand shovel is random.
  • Ideal for cleaning your car, desk or the living cage of small pets, like hamster, guinea pigs, cats, hedgehogs, chinchillas, rabbits, reptiles, and so on.