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X-Pet Rabbit Chew Toys, Guinea Pig Treats 100% Natural Material Garden Stuff Flavored Biscuit&Grass Cake, Small Animals Teeth Grinding Chewing Suitable for Bunny Hamster Chinchilla Dwarf Gerbils

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  • Rabbit chew toys made with delicious apple, pumpkin, beetroot, purple petato, lucerne, dandelion High-Fiber timothy hay. No artificial colors or preservatives.Natural treats for guinea pig made with carrot, carrot is rich in carotene, carotene is the main source of vitamin A, and vitamin A can promote growth, prevent bacterial infection, and has the protection of epidermal tissue, protect respiratory tract, digestive tract, urinary system and other epithelial cells and functions.
  • These resealable guinea Pigs Treats are a healthy, wholesome treat which provide a great source of enrichment and are a wholesome, healthy favorite treat of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small pets. molars and prevention of urinary calculi.
  • Package include two bottles, one is fruit&vegetable balls and the other is carrot flavored biscuit . Garden Stuff overall weight 2.3 oz(65g), carrot flavored biscuit overall weight 6 oz(170g). All of them are great training tool, perfect reward, leisure, chew and molar for your pets.
  • Shapes and textures support dental health through natural chewing activity, Helped to grind their growing teeth for optimal oral and keep the teeth of healthy.
  • Suitable for bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchilla, squirrel, rabbits, hamster, gerbil, holland lop, prairie dogs, squirrels, and other rodent species.