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Wildside Wild Alaskan Freeze Dried Salmon All Natural Grain Free Snack Treats for Cats 3Oz

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  • HUMAN GRADE RAW USA Wild Alaska Salmon is the single ingredient in this real pure meat treat, with NO additives, NO preservatives, NO fillers, and NO genetically modified or farm raised fish
  • SMALL SNACK BITES are roughly 1/4“ - 1/2“ cube; Each 3 oz resealable bag contains 250 - 275 treats, the perfect size for cats and little, medium, large, or senior dogs and puppies
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA only in a premium quality America food processing facility in accordance with FDA’s HAACP food safety regulations; treats are high protein, low carb, grain and gluten free
  • NATURALLY HYPOALLERGENIC healthy treats are easy to digest, and ideal for animals with food or skin allergies, sensitive stomachs; easily break apart for use as a food additive / topper for picky eaters
  • RICH IN OMEGA 3 essential fatty acids; DHA and EPA helps reduce inflammation, relieves dry itchy skin, supports cardiovascular and immune health, and promotes skin and coat care

Made from 100% natural, freeze dried raw Wild Alaskan USA Salmon, processed and packaged in the USA. They are naturally hypoallergenic, and the perfect treat for animals with food or skin allergies.

WildSide Salmon treats are tested and approved for human consumption, and are processed and packaged in an FDA HAACP regulated food processing facility in the USA.

While others mix their proteins with grains, fillers, and chemical additives, WildSide uses only 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon in their salmon treats with NO added ingredients.

The most amazing process that goes into the production of WildSide Salmon treats is the freeze drying. Not to be confused with dried treats which are cooked to remove moisture, leaving behind a hard texture. Freeze drying results in a light, soft yet crunchy tempting treat that’s easy to sink your teeth into and to digest, especially for cats.

Freeze drying produces a treat that retains the natural salmon nutrients and simply eliminates the water. With freeze drying WildSide Salmon keeps the Omegas we’ve all heard about, the fabulous proteins and amino acids that help keep both pets and people healthy and happy! The results are a treat that’s easy to handle, tempting texture, requires NO refrigeration, and has an impressive shelf life in excess of 5 years when unopened.

The beauty of WildSide Salmon treats is they are perfect for both cats and dogs. Wild Salmon is naturally hypoallergenic and low in ash making it the perfect treat for animals with most food allergies and safe for your kitties as well.

Store in a cool, dry place; do not refrigerate

100% Raw Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon

Protein: 80% min. Moisture: 3% max. Fat: 3% min. Fiber: 1% max. Approx. 1 Calorie per Treat