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Wild One

Wild One, Bolt Bite Dog Toy, Blush, 100% Natural Rubber, Fun to Chew, Chew Toy, Treat Dispensing, Long Lasting, Durable for Large Breeds

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  • PERFECT TOY FOR TREATS: The two elbows are designed for engaging paw-play, and open ends for hiding treats.
  • INSTINCTUAL NEEDS: The Bolt Bite helps satisfy dogs' instinctual needs and provides mental stimulation. Healthy play is important for dogs' physical and mental development, emotions and behavior.
  • MADE FOR ALL DOGS AND PUPPIES: Whether you have a strong-jawed dog or a teething puppy, the Bolt Bite is made for all shapes, sizes and ages.
  • FREEZER FRIENDLY: If you want to stuff a little extra peanut butter in the toy for a frozen treat for your dog, this is a fun toy for that!
  • SAFE TO CHEW: With being 100% Natural Rubber, BPA and Phthalate Free, this makes the toy durable and not brittle that can be broke when bit on