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WICKEDPUP Washable Male Dog Wrap (1 Pack) with Disposable Pet Diaper Liners (5 Count), Puppy Training Treat Bag (1 Pouch) | Reusable Belly Band plus Booster Pads, Cloth Doggie Travel Pocket

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  • All-in-One Package | This starter set includes a camouflage washable male dog diaper (pack of 1), disposable booster pads (5-ct) and a travel pouch in green (1 bag) in this value bundle.
  • Stay Fresh ON-THE-GO | Perfect for travel, easy to keep in your dog training pouch or diaper bag. Feel fresh and maintain your pet's natural pH balance throughout the day or night.
  • Stop Leaks! | Our ultra premium booster pad provides ultimate comfort and protection. Prevents overflowing and leaks and sustains freshness all day to keep you feeling drier, longer.
  • Multi-Functional | A super absorbent but soft diaper doubler is a great daily care solution for male marking prevention, excitable urination, urinary incontinence, and other bladder issues.
  • Waist Measuring Tips | Please measure your dog's waist right in front of the back legs to ensure a good fit before ordering it. It's better for you to choose the size depends on your dog's measurement instead of convention. If your dog is out of the sizes in chart, please be careful to order.

Product Description

WickedPup introduces wicked naughty pups to the world!

I'm Not That Wicked!

"Hi, my name is Pancake.

I was abandoned on the side of the road on a rainy day. I was found by Jess who was passing by, and she just scooped me up and pleaded on social media for someone to take in. Thankfully, Jayden, a dog person, agreed to take in me.

At first I didn't trust him at all because I thought I was going to be thrown away once again. Meaning that I was not ready to be part of his family. So I bit, barked, and broke everything! Even though I was so wicked to him every time, he was always kind to me. He melted my heart day by day...

And now he's my best friend and love. Of course I'm not that wicked any longer but wicked awesome!"

Booster Pads for Unstoppable Pups

“Hi, my name is Cookie from New York City. I went over to Peanut's place with my dad this afternoon. He was a bit worried that I would pee everywhere and ruined his day. But nothing happened because of it."

"Hi, my name is Pudding from Bay Area. My mom went shopping, and she won’t be back for another few hours. You know what? I love her luxurious leather couch, handmade wooden beds, and especially a state-of-the-art smart TV. I was so excited to pee on them. But I couldn't because of it."

"Hi, my name is Oreo from Chicago. I often dream that I'm peeing, and then I pee in my bed. It feels so good... But my mom started putting a pet diaper and WickedPup Booster Pads on me. I'm not 100% satisfied now."

Multi-Purpose Daily Pads

Add Extra Absorbency

Add maximum absorbency to your diapers with our booster pads. Ultra-soft and super absorbent boosters give you ultimate performance for even happier pups.

Stop Nighttime Leaks

If your pet regularly have leakage while sleeping, WickedPup Booster Pads are a great solution. They help wick away moisture and absorb fluid from 6(Petite) to 11(XL) fl. oz.

Prevent Period Leaks

WickedPup Booster Pads can also be used as menstrual period pads for your pets. They work well for dogs in heat cycle as no fluid can pass straight through the pads.

Urinary Incontinence

They provide exceptional protection against accidents ensuring you enjoy a restful moment without being disturbed. Sit back & relax even just a few minutes!

Sizing Guide fits XS to S size dog diapers fits S to M size dog diapers fits M to L size dog diapers fits L to XL size dog diapers
Maximum absorbency up to 6 fl oz. up to 7 fl oz. up to 9 fl oz. up to 11 fl oz.
Adhesive strip
Package includes 100 Count 100 Count 100 Count 100 Count

Are all of the ingredients in WickedPup safe for your pets?

Yes! WickedPup Booster Pads are made from ingredients that are thoroughly tested and proven to be safe. The ingredients we use are common in most diapers or pads and are used safely, by thousands of pets around the world, everyday.

  • SAFE INGREDIENTS! | They are already safely used in baby and pet diapers.

  • NON-TOXIC! | Pads are made from ingredients that are thoroughly tested.

  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS! | No Formaldehyde, Cadmium, Lead, etc.
Package Includes Disposable booster pads for pets, 100ct Washable male dog wrap (1pk), Disposable booster pads (5ct), Cloth travel pouch (1bag) Washable female dog diaper (1pk), Disposable booster pads (5ct), Cloth travel pouch (1bag) Disposable dental finger wipes for pets, 100ct
Breed Recommendation All breeds of dogs All breeds of dogs All breeds of dogs All breeds of dogs
Size Variation Available in 4 sizes (Petite, Regular, Long, X-Large) Available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large) Available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large) One size fits all