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Whole Life Pet Products

Whole Life Pet Products Healthy Cat Treats

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  • PURE HUMAN GRADE WILD TUNA: Protein-rich, Tuna for cats. Sourced and produced in the USA. Treat or meal topper. Ideal for all cats. Especially designed for training, finicky eating, stomach sensitivity, or overweight pets
  • ONE INGREDIENT- MINIMALLY PROCESSED: All Just One treats have no Preservatives, Fillers, Chemicals, Salt or Artificial Ingredients - Just 100% Wild Tuna. Freeze Drying avoids high heat processing, Retains more nutrients and concentrates flavor
  • QUALITY and SAFETY FIRST: Every batch goes through rigorous internal quality and freshness tests plus full micro testing for harmful bacteria by an independent lab
  • SOURCED AND MADE IN THE USA: USA Sourced Tuna. No outsourced manufacturing-Freeze Dried and packaged in house by Whole Life’s own Pet loving Staff