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Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers (Pack of 3) - Washable Male Dog Belly Wrap

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers (Pack of 3) - Washable Male Dog Belly Wrap

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  • ★ 3 Pack in one package for Pet Belly Bands Diaper. Great for small dogs and puppies, waist size 9" to 10.5". Please measure your dog's waist right in front of the back legs to make a good fit.
  • ★NO WORRY LEAKAGE - The absorbent pad is sewn into the male dog belly and washable male dog diapers have a leak-free outer layer to keep rugs, carpets, upholstered chairs and sofas dry. The wide hook & loop provide more comfortable and great fit. Washable Male Dog Wrap also called Male dog diapers, Puppy Diaper Wrap Band, Boy Wrap Band, Male Dog Diapers.
  • ★ SOFT & COMFORTABLE DIAPERS - Comfortable material for male dog wraps, the dog wraps male outer shell is leak-free lamination fabric, which have been used for baby cloth diapers. With leak-free outer shell, u never worry the dog get leakage and comfort of the softer, birdeye mesh fabric against pet’s body. Middle layers microfiber provide male dog belly band super absorbent and no need an extra feminie disposable sanitary pads except super heavy flow.
  • ★IMPROVING LANDFILL WASTE - By switching to male dog diapers, within 2 months they will pay for themselves and you will no longer need to purchase disposable diapers which will end up in a landfill after a single use. The dog diapers for male dogs can stand up to a lot of washes, and last long long.
  • ★ GUARDIAN ANGEL OF YOUR DOG - Reusable male dog diapers are useful for untrained puppies, males spot marking, and stop your dog suffering from excitement urination or incontinence. Doggie diapers are precious gifts to accompany your pals when growing up and help improve mutual relations, enhancing the pleasure of its loyal throughout life.

Product Description

Wegreeco strives to make things that lessening the amount of trash a family produces. We are on a mission to bring more reusable products into homes by making them practical and beautiful.

When you buy and use a reusable product, you are showing your children how to care for the world they will inherit.

Leak-free Diapers

On top of the diaper outer layer is leak-free soft material. No "crinkly" texture that causes many dogs to reject disposable diapers.

They're much softer than disposable wraps, more practical in the long term. Lessen your daily care work, improve your quality of life and you have more time enjoy your life.

  • Heavy-Duty Stitching Fasteners
  • Softer & More Breathable
  • Happier Pet & Happier Life
  • Support Countless Washes
  • Cheerful Colors
  • High Absorption

Stylish Colors & Suitable Sizes

3 Diapers in one set, more modern patterns for you to choose, these stylish, cheerful colors make your pet look cute, and nicer-looking than disposable wraps.

Since different brand size chart is a little different, please measure your dog's waist right in front of the back legs before ordering it, when measure your doggie, please loose 1"-2". When put it on, please adjust the hook & loop fastener to fit right size to make your dogs move freely.

Dog Diapers Male Sizing Chart:

XX-Small: Waist size 7.4" to 7.8"

Extra-Small: Waist Size 9" to 11"

Small: Waist Size 11" to 14"

Medium: Waist Size 15" to 17"

Large: Waist Size 18" to 21"

X-Large: Waist Size 22" to 27"

XX-Large: Waist Size 28" to 33"

Smooth & Soft Diapers

The dog diapers for male dogs are designed with breathable and soft design mesh lined fabric, which is smooth to your dog. They are made of more convenient for you to carry. An ideal favor for travel in the car or in dog stores and restaurants. Enjoy your dog in your home without the worry of soiling on floors or furniture.

Strong Hook & Loop Closure

Is your dog's waist a little bigger after dinner? A little smaller in the morning? Is your puppy still growing? wegreeco male wraps are adjustable to help you adjust the right size that fits your dog better.

The hook & loop closures are easy to put on and won't stick to your pets fur. Keep your dog enjoy wearing it and stay in place well when your dog move. The large hook & loop closures and heavy-duty stitching make the diapers last long long.

Fully Leak-free Material

On top of the diaper outer layer is leak-free soft material, they are great to keep off leaks when your dog on rugs, carpets, upholstered chairs and sofas.

Inside with a highly absorbent pad sewn right into it, making the diapers more absorbent.

The double layers long-lasting fiber help make it much easier to absorb urine, specifically ideal for male dogs with urinary incontinence, excitable urination, and marking issues.

Soft Elastic Bands

The elastic bands on the waist which makes them much easier relax and enjoy, so dogs are loving to accept wearing them, making them welcome in house again.

No Accident & Happy Pets

Wegreeco washable male dog wraps are designed to keep off accidents from turning into messes. Whether your pet isn't fully house-trained yet, an elderly dog with age-related incontinence or leakage problems from any other cause, our washable doggie diapers male will keep you, and your pet happy.

Happy Customers

We care deeply about our customers'concern. That's why we are confident in our reusable diapers, they will help dogs of all ages lead a happier life.

Machine Washable

Better washed in regular time. Fasten the hook & loop so as not to stick to other items and make the hook & loop more sticky. Then air dry or put them in the dryer for a short time, tumble dry low, it had better below 30 degrees (Less than 86 Fahrenheit).


All of our Dog Diapers are given to our Pets and Pets Store before production so we know they will hold up to actual use by your pets.

Wegreeco takes great attention on Quality. All of the diapers are precise stitching and quality interior & exterior fabric, these make diapers for dogs ready to take the abuse of casual wear, accidents, play, and can withstand numerous washings.

Color Blue, Green, Red Plaid Black, Charcoal, Navy Ocean of Flowers Bright Color Blue, Green, Red Plaid Coffee, Gray
Machine Wash
Easy to Wash
Package Pack of 3 Pack of 3 Pack of 3 Pack of 3 Pack of 3 Pack of 2
Suitable User Male Dogs Male Dogs Female Dogs Female Dogs Female Dogs Female/Male Dogs
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