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Wegreeco Dog Diaper Pads (Bundle of 10)

Wegreeco Dog Diaper Pads (Bundle of 10)

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  • ADDING ABSORBENCY FOR DOG DIAPER,Wegreeco Dog Pads are perfect match Wegreeco male wraps.When your dog pee heavily,you just simply enter a reusable pad inside the diaper and increase absorbency for heavily time.A great idea to add extra protection to your Washable dog diapers.The pads that for female dog diapers are also available in our store.
  • SOFT & DURABLE WASHABLE PADS are made of absorbent microfiber and topped soft fleece which faces up towards your dog to help wick moisture away,keeping your dog drier,and helps keep him comfortable.The impressive stitching makes it durable.
  • SUSTAINABLE & SMART CHOICE for loving our planet conscious human. Switching to reusable dog diaper pads, you will no longer need to purchase disposable diaper pad for your lovely dog and will end up in a landfill after a single use.
  • A BUNDLE OF 10 PACK are easy to rotate them in the wash so that some can be air drying while others are in use.When the insert is soiled,simply put it aside and replace a fresh one!
  • SWITCH TODAY and never look back. These washable pads are the perfect alternative to disposable ones.

Product Description

Wegreeco Reusable Life Idea

Wegreeco mainly focus on Premium Products like Washable Baby/Adult/Dog Diapers,Washable Dog Pads,Washable Nursing Pads,Washable Women Sanitary Pads etc,The Reusable Quality products help you save money,lessen consumables and are a true joy to use each time, improving your quality of life.

Wegreeco Reusable Dog Diaper Liners

No Accident & No More Messes
If you have a fully incontinent pet,then you'll need something much more powerful on the diaper front. Wegreeco develops a perfect combination of a washable dog diaper with a washable dog diaper liners stuck inside. Wegreeco washable diaper liners absorb and hold more liquids. They are a great ideal option for adding protection and absorption for Wgreeco diapers, helping to keep your dog drier during prolonged use.

A Great Life Saver:
No matter your pet is in heat, your new puppy isn't house trained yet or female dogs in heat or your elderly dog is having incontinence issues,our washable reusable dog diaper liners provide reliable, extra protection for heavy wetters, nap time, overnight during traveling or indoor, keeping you, your house and your pet happy.

Product Description


Each pad is made with multilayer of lightweight absorbent microfiber and one layer of white soft microfleece, which touches dog and effective in pulling moisture away from your dog's body, keeping your dog drier. A breathable alternative to disposable pads!

Size Chart:

X-Small pads(3.4"x5.9") - Wegreeco X-small Male Wrap

Small pads (3.5"x8.7") - Wegreeco Small Male Wrap

Medium pads (5.9"x11") - Wegreeco Medium Male Wrap

Large pads (7"x14") - Wegreeco Large Male Wrap

Special Design

Convenience & Pratical

Stuff the insert into the pocket. Pocket diapers can also be multi-use diaper covers if you put the pad or cloth diaper on the outside of the pocket.

The washable dog diaper pad is a new idea that keep off your dog suffering from excitement urination,incontinence, giving your pet complete leakage protection, comfort and cleanliness. Giving you clean floors & a stain free home!

​Tested & Durable

All of our Dog Diapers & Diaper Pads are given to our Pets and Pets Store before production so we know they will hold up to actual use by your pets.
Wegreeco take great attention on Quality and durability.All of the diapers & pads are precise stitching and quality fabric makes them durable.

Machine Washable & Dryable

Hand washing or washing machine - using a gentle liquid soap with tea tree oil and no odor or stains remain. Tumble dry on low heat. Dries quick in minutes.

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