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WavePoint Technology Inc.

Wave Point 2-Pack Sun Wave HO T-5 24-Watt Universal Aquarium Lamp

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  • Higher lumens per watt ratio
  • Optimum color rendition
  • Universal replacement bulb for all HO T-5 light fixtures
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Wave point Super Daylight 24 watt 2 pack of high quality versatile high output T-5 lamp which can be a universal replacement lamp for industry standard high output T-5 light fixtures. Wave-points 12,000k lamps will emit warm full color spectrum light that creates a vibrant aquatic environment. This bulb has nanometer peaks in the blue, yellow and red color spectrums creating one of the brightest daylight bulbs available. It is a standard lamp in all HO T-5 Wave-point light hoods. For use: Saltwater, reef, planted and freshwater aquariums.