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Waterproof Food / Litter Box Mat for Cat and Dog

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Product Description
Package Content: 1 * Waterproof Cushion
1.Feeding mat with dog paw pattern, made of elastic PVC fibers, waterproof and wear resistant.
2.The mat has an anti-slip base. It helps protect your carpets and floors from food and splashing water.
3.Excellent cat litter mat. Can be used in bathroom, pantry, kitchen, hallway. Captures litter grains under the paws and keeps your floors clean. Actually captures the litter grains under the animal's paws, helping to keep your floors clean.
4.Soft and supple mat, easy to store and carry when rolled up.
5.Easy to clean and wipe dry. Just pat it lightly or vacuum up any collected litter grains, then clean and rinse it under the tap to keep it looking like new. No more foul-smelling litter trapped.
Waterproof Food / Litter Box Mat for Cat and Dog