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Warm Dog Jacket Reversible Fleece Winter Dog Vest for Cold Weather, Waterproof Windproof Dog Winter Coat Reflective with Magic Strip&Furry Collar for Small Medium Large Breeds Dogs Puppies Cat Pet

Warm Dog Jacket Reversible Fleece Winter Dog Vest for Cold Weather, Waterproof Windproof Dog Winter Coat Reflective with Magic Strip&Furry Collar for Small Medium Large Breeds Dogs Puppies Cat Pet

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  • 🐶🌞7 SIZE:From XS to 3XL, suitable for almost all breeds of dogs.Please measure your dog and reference size chart before purchasing.Suitable for small medium large dogs such as Teddy, Chiwawa, Jack Russel, Pug, Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniel; Golden Retriever, Labrador, Husky, Samoyed, Boston Terriers...
  • 2.🐶🌞REVERSIBLE: Made of polar fleece, anti-wrinkle waterproof Polyester+TC (terylene/cotton), Winterproof Outer layer/ Soft and Warm Inner Layer.Effectively resist cold weather, suitable for daily indoor and outdoor wear. Can be worn on both sides, dirt-resistant warm dog jacket.
  • 3.🐶🌞REFLECTIVE& LEASH HOLE: This dog winter coat has bright reflective strips on both sides of the waterproof layer, which can ensure the dog’s night safety. You can easily find it even in a dark environment. Leash hole in the back can be used with a traction rope to keep the dog from being messy run.
  • 4.🐶🌞EASY TO WEAR: Abdominal Magic Strip make it easy to put on and take off, can adjust the abdomen to firmly wrap the dog's body to strengthen the warmth, effectively relieve anxiety and tension in cold weather, and relieve the pressure on the dog's epidermis and hair.
  • 5.🐶🌞Durable, fashion and exquisite dog winter coat; warm, windproof, waterproof, reversible-double-sided wearable, lightweight and easy to put on and take off, a furry collar to enhance warmth for dogs.

Product Description

Why do your dog need a dog winter jacket?

The temperature in winter is low, and your dog’s fur is not enough to withstand a severe winter. The cold weather will cause the dog to lose energy and reduce their vitality. And cold environment will also affect the dog’s mood and easily cause anxiety and tension. Pet dogs also need protection from a warm dog winter jacket

Furry collar

  • Prevent part of cold wind blowing into your dog's body, super intimate warm design.
  • Make your dog look more fashionable and energetic.

Magic strips

  • Easy to wear , can adjust the degree of tightness.
  • Tightly wrapped around dog’s body, effectively reduce anxiety and stress relief.

Reflective strips

  • Bright reflective strips are embedded on both sides of the waterproof layer.
  • With their help, you can find your dog easily even in a dark environment.

Leash Hole

  • Can be paired with a traction rope.
  • Can walk your dog and travel normally.

Designed for all breeds of dogs

Reversible Dog Winter Coat for Small Medium and Large Breed, Dog Cold Weather Vest Clothes with Harness Hole Warm Fleece Pet Jacket Cozy Dog Apparel

4 COLORS-Camouflage Pattern
  • Blue Camouflage
  • Red Camouflage
  • Purple Camouflage
  • Pink Camouflage
  • Reversible Polar Fleece Winter Dog Vest
  • Anti-wrinkle Hydrophobic Polyester
  • Stuffed Cotton

Fit Almost All Breeds Dogs

7 size to choose: From XS to 3XL

Size Chart:

XS: Chest-9.4"-13.7",Neck-8.6"-10.2”,Length-9.8";

S: Chest-13.7"-17.3",Neck-10.6"-12.6”,Length-11.8";

M: Chest-17.3"-20.8",Neck-12.6"-14.9”,Length-14.1";


XL: Chest-24.4"-29.5",Neck-17.3"-20.4”,Length-20.1";


XXXL: Chest-35.4"-39.3",Neck-23.6"-26.7”,Length-26.7".

  • Please measure your dog and reference size chart before purchasing,Priority reference chest girth
  • Small: Bedlington Terrier,French Bulldog,Jack Russell Terrier,Bichon Havanais,Poodl(Miniature)/Poodles,Bichon Frise,Chihuahua,Boston Terrier,Boston Bull,Boston Bull Terrier,Continental Toy Spaniel,Pomeranian,ParsonRussellTerrier,Cairn Terrier,Irish Terrier,Little Lion Dog ,Cesky Terrier,Bohemian Terrier,Sealyham Terrier,Norfolk Terrier,Norfolk Terrier Breed Standard,Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,Toy Foxhound,Griffon Bruxellois,Brussels Griffon...
  • Medium: Harrier,Bulldog,Samoyed,Beagle,Shetland Sheepdog,Whippet,Belgian Shepherd Dog,Siberian, husky,Border Collie,Shiba,Norwegian Elkhoundblack, Irish Water Spaniel ,Norwegian Elkhound,Schipperke,Malinois,Basenji,Portuguese Warren Hound,Portuguese Podengo,American Staffordshire Terrier,Finnish Spitz, Norwegian Buhund,Canaan Dog,American Water Spaniel,Brittany,Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen...
  • Large: IrishWolfhound,BerneseMountainDog,Golden Retriever,Rottweiler,Weimaraner,Canis lupus,familiaris/Doguede Bordeaux,Rough Collie,German Shepherd Dog, German doberman Pinscher, Doberman, Pinscher,Dobermann, Anatolian Shepherd Dog,Airedale Terrier,Deerhound,Scottish Deerhound,Greater Swiss, Mountain Dog,Pyrenean Mountain Dog,German Short-haired Pointing Dog,Redbone Coonhound,Chesapeake Bay, Retriever ,Otterhound, Curly Coated Retriever...


This Dog Winter Jacket/Vest Suitable for all Breeds of Dogs and for Many Occasions:

  • It can works well for Walking, hiking, running, hunting, skiing, climbing, jogging, camping, daily wear, Christams Apparel, Party Costume, other outdoor and indoor activities.
  • No longer can rain or snow stop your dog from going outside to play, so put on this jacket and let your dog play in the snow as much as he wants.
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