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Walkin' Pet Splint for Dogs - Canine Rear Foot Splint - Xx-Small

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  • Provides support and comfort for joint injuries and conditions that affect mobility
  • Hard protective plastic exterior and soft, cushioning interior.
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Reusable joint protector reduces treatment costs
  • Helps keep the dog’s leg in a normal walking position
  • Provides full leg support from above the hock to under the paw.
  • Durable, lightweight
  • Water-resistant for better injury protection and therapy regimen.
  • Sizes available: XX-Small to X-Large ensuring that it fits most breeds.
  • Adjustable touch-fastener closures to ensure a secure fit

The Walkin’ Rear Leg Dog Splint offers protection, support, and comfort to weakened or unstable back leg. It provides an easy way to reinforce your dog’s therapy while supporting mobility. This reusable dog joint protector can also reduce the cost of bandaging and casting. It holds your dog’s leg in a normal walking position and allows them to put weight on the broken or weak limb. This splint extends above the hock and completely under the paw, ensuring that your pet’s leg is fully supported.

Made from durable lightweight water-resistant plastic with a soft foam padding on the inside. The non-skid pad at the bottom adds stability, while the lightweight material helps your pet tolerate the canine splint. Available in sizes XX-Small to X-Large, fitting most breeds. The adjustable touch-fastener closures secure the dog's ankle brace to ensure a secure fit.