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WACOOL Reptile Light Fixture Dual Dome Lamp Fixture, Reptile UVA UVB Heat Lamp Fixture, Optical Reflection 2 Bulbs Supported, Nano, Max. 40W

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  • Integrated Design Dual Lamp Fixture - Integrated dual lamp fixture is more convenient to hold your lamps in one stand. You can assign any two of reptile lamps(heat lamp, UVB lamp, basking lamp, daylight lamp, and nightlight lamp) together in one fixture as your request.
  • Two Independent Switches - Dual independent on/off switches for easy control separately for basking bulbs, UVB bulbs, infrared bulbs, daytime bulbs, nighttime bulbs and heat emitters (only one per dual dome).
  • Excellent Reflection and Heat Dissipation - Fine polished reflective layer efficiently reflecting heat and increasing brightness, increased UVA and UVB output, maximum load: 40W (each socket) while solid and heat-resistant ceramic socket ensure long time use. The top ventilating holes feature excellent heat dissipation effect and ensure your bulbs do not get too hot.
  • Cable Management - Bundle the cables to make your space not a mess and easy to organize.
  • Heavy Duty Double Hook - This lamp fixture with two hooks can be used together with any dome lamp brackets and hold steady.(This stand is not included in the package)