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Vitakraft Sunseed

Vitakraft Slims Small Animal Treats - Carrot - Crispy Nibble Stick Treat - 10 Oz

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  • LIGHT, EASY SNACKING: An ideal nibble for in between meals! Light and easy to digest, this guinea pig or rabbit carrot treat is the perfect addition to their daily guinea pig or bunny food.
  • GREAT TEXTURE: Satisfy your small pet's natural chewing instinct with Slims’ crispy baked texture. Helps support healthy teeth and dental health.
  • TREATS FOR ANYTIME: Healthy, nutritious bunny treats that are small enough for training rewards and everyday treating between meals.
  • INDULGENT: Premium ingredients and inventive textures make for a luxurious bite. With Slims, your small pet can eat just as well as you do!
  • ONLY THE GOOD STUFF: No artificial flavors, preservatives, or added sugars.

Vitakraft's Slims are rabbit treats for bunnies that love a carroty crunch, or for hamsters or guinea pigs who crave a crispy snack. These crispy carrot sticks have all of the goodness of real vegetables and whole grains. A great addition to your regular bunny food and other rabbit supplies. No matter what your small pet eats, Slims are perfect for all the diets under the sun.