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Coastal Cocktails Inc.

Vibrant Life Cat Treat Baking Kit with 10 OZ Cat Biscuit Baking Mix

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  • Fish Shaped Cookie Cutter
  • Cat Biscuit Baking Mix, 10 OZ
  • Paper Box
  • The white cute tie

Whip up something especially yummy for your favorite feline this holiday season with a fun Cat Treat Baking Kit! Make this the tastiest time of year for your best friend by baking a batch of delicious homemade treats for them to enjoy. Kit includes peanut flavored cat biscuit mix, a mini fish-shaped cookie cutter and an easy-to-follow recipe for a simple and sweet way to show your pet how much you care. Already topped with a cute little bow, this kit also makes a great gift for any cat lover in your life and ensures that even the smallest member of the family gets a big holiday surprise. Season’s treating's!

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