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Vibrant Life 2-Layer Sifting Cat Litter Mat, Black, 21.3" X 14"

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  • Top layer sifts the debris.
  • Bottom layer collects debris for easy clean up.
  • Durable easy to clean foam.
  • Dimensions: 21.3" x 14"
  • Pair with other vibrant life accessories.

The vibrant life 2-layer sifting cat litter mat makes life a little easier it's designed to catch and deposit loose litter into the solid bottom layer, where it remains until you are ready to dispose of it. To discard the litter debris, simply pick up the mat, make sure the open end of the bottom layer is up, and dump the loose litter into a garbage bag. That's all there is to it cleaning this foam litter mat is as easy as rinsing in soapy water with mild detergent and letting the mat air dry. The black color is sure to match any litter box, design is an ideal size and shape for most cat litter boxes.