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Uteuvili 2 Pack Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liners Guinea Pig Bedding Washable Waterproof Reusable anti Slip Super Absorbent Pee Pad for Small Animals 24"X 48"

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  • 【A Set of 2 Super Value】The size of our guinea pig fleece cage liners is 24*48, which perfectly fits the guinea pig habitat / cage. There are 2 (1 beige & 1 grey) pee pads in one package. When one needs to be cleaned, the other is easy to replace, which is very convenient and affordable.
  • 【Real Fleece Cage Liners】Real fleece cage liners provide perfect touch, soft and comfortable texture, good moisture absorption and perspiration, providing a comfortable and clean environment for your guinea pigs. Reduce the chance of bacterial related diseases.
  • 【Fast Absorbent & Leakproof】Our guinea pig fleece cage liners use absorbent cotton that is 20% thicker than conventional cage liners, which can quickly absorb the moisture and odor of excrement. At the same time, a special TPU waterproof layer can prevent moisture from penetrating and avoid staining your cage and floor.
  • 【Washable & Reusable】It is easy to clean, you can wash by hand or use a washing machine and dryer. High quality can withstand repeated use, more environmentally friendly and economical than disposable sawdust.
  • 【Silicone Point Anti-Slip】Our guinea pig cage liners are made of 4 layers of materials, and the bottom layer is designed with higher cost non-slip silicone dots. Whether it is a smooth floor or the bottom of the cage, it can be held firmly without moving.

Uteuvili Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liners are perfect for your guinea pig habitat / cage.

Size: 24"x 48"

Package: 2 Cage Liners in one package (1 beige & 1 grey)

4 Layers Design:
1.Fleece (Ultimate comfort and cleanliness)
2.Thickened absorbent sponge (Fast absorption, no odor)
3.TPU waterproof layer (Prevent moisture penetration)
4.Anti-slip layer (Anti-slip silicone dot design)

Our Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liners will shrink one inch after a few initial washes. Don't worry, we've made the liner larger to compensate.

If there is any question, please em us, please give us the opportunity to resolve it.