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UTDKLPBXAQ Cat Toilet Training Kit Kitten, Pet Toilet Training System, Cat Litter Tray Mat Kitty Urinal Seat Toilet Trainer, Blue Convenient Groove Design Safe Tidy

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  • Durable material ---The cat toilet training kit is made of environmentally friendly plastic and is safe, the surface is smooth, which can protect your cat well, the sturdy seats support the weight of most cats.
  • Convenient & Tidy --- No more chaos, no more smell, no more trouble, you just simply rinse, you can get great convenience.
  • 2 potty trays ---This toilet training kit contains 2 potty trays, which can perfectly fit your toilet. Groove design is conducive to the trays remove, convenient to use. You can use knife to cut the groove to make your cat get used to the human toilet. If your cat cannot get used to the new circumstance, you can use the spare tray to get back to the previous step.
  • 3-step completion training ---First, place the cat toilet on the toilet let the cat get used to it for a few days, second, guide the cat on it for convenience, slowly reduce the inner ring. Third, remove the cat toilet completely, your cat has finished training. It requires the owner to have the patience to train the kitten to go to the toilet many times, and it will usually be used after a few trainings! Solved the trouble of shoveling cat litter, and act now!
  • Develop Your Kittens Natural Instincts --- unlike other pets, cat has an instinctive behavior to keep itself clean. Cats may be easily trained to use a kitty litter box or tray, as this is natural behavior.

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