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Urbone Airtag Dog Collar Holder - Strong Durable Metal Air Tag Case - Premium Protective Air Tag Loop for Pets - Airtag Case for Dog Collar Leash

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  • PAIR, LOCATE, SAFE : The perfect dog walking accessory. The Urbone Air Tag holder will help you to locate your pet quickly and get them back where they belong.
  • PREMIUM PET PROTECTION: This is our main priority. Always. In fact, the main reason we make aluminum and not rubber or silicone cases is so that there is almost no likelihood of your pet being able to chew off the case from their collar or lead and eat it.
  • SHOCK ABSORBING: No compromise has to be made. Your dog can run, play and jump as much as they want, this case provides double sided protection to avoid the Air Tag falling out and being lost or damaged.
  • LIMITLESS : The Urbone Airtag protective case can be attached to collars or straps. Aside from providing premium protection for your pet, it can also be used on backpacks, bags or luggage.
  • UNBEATABLE QUALITY : Lightweight with a seamless fit yet heavy-duty with an uncompromised, full sense of security. Thin and streamlined with no bulk or obstruction