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UPSKY Cat Litter Mats 2 Pieces Cat Litter Pad, Premium Traps Litter from Box and Paws, Scatter Control for Litter Box, Soft on Sensitive Kitty Paws, Easy to Clean. (24’’ X 16’’)

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  • Two packs: Successfully solved the problem of placing the single-piece cat litter mat. You can freely arrange the cat litter mat you want according to the size and shape of the litter box, make the most of your imagination and stitch them together(size: 24’’ x 16’’).
  • Multi-use: It can not only be used as a cat litter mat, also be a resting pad, soft and comfortable design, multiple color choices, I'm sure your kitty will love it.
  • Unique design: The specially designed original pattern can grab a large amount of cat litter left on the cat's paws. The high-quality materials also provide your cat with soft comfort.
  • Easy to clean: PVC material is very easy to clean, just need to flip the cat litter pad and beat it a few times, you can also use the vacuum cleaner to extract or quickly clean it.
  • Durable and non-slip: UPSKY means you are getting tough design, durability, and long-lasting effectiveness. It’s also slip-resistant backing keeps your cat litter mat in place. That means the mess stays in the mat, not on your floors.

Product Description

UPSKY Two Packs Design Successfully Solved The Problem of Lacing The Single-piece Cat Litter Mat

A Great Litter Mat, Both You and Your Cats Will Love!

Size 24’’ x 16’’ 35.5"×23.5" 35.5"×23.5" 35.5"×23.5" 35.5"×23.5"
How many pieces? Tow pieces One piece One piece One piece One piece
Water proof
Ultra Durable