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Upgraded Pet Heating Pad ,Temperature Adjustable Pet Bed Heater Warmer with Chew Resistant Cord,Waterproof Heating Pad for Dogs Cats,Soft Cat Dog Heated Bed Mat,Indoor Pet Thermal Pad

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  • 【2019 Upgraded Waterproof Heating Pad】:Certificates of MET. 6 different heat levels and 5 timer levels help your pets in warming comfort. High temperature self-destruct function: (V0 FIRE Resistant) In extreme cases,pulsed power failure or improper use by other users cause local heat focus,when the internal temperature reaches at 105℃ will destory the insulation layer between the temperature control wire and the heating wire to cause the chip automatically stop working after short circuit.
  • 【AUTO CONSTANT Temperature Function】: Upgrade Thermostats inside of pad can control temperature from 30℃-55℃ and better uniform heating the whole pad. Waterproof PVC surface, don’t worry your pets pee in the bed with the heater plugged in. Removable fleece cover is Washable. Please clean pad with damp cloth or sponge. Don’t use cleaners of chemicals.
  • 【Comfortable & Warming】: 29.5”×17.7” size fits different small & medium pets. Heat up to the veterinarian recommended temperature, the heat mat will cradle your Pet in gentle warming comfort(Don’t let your pets lay on the unit without a cover), this mat is Flexible and Fits most pet beds.
  • 【Safety Test & Note】: All heating pads are tested for 8 hours before leaving the factory, and more than 85% of defective products can be discovered or exposed in advance. The pet heating pad is used for pets ONLY, NOT for HUMAN.

Product description


WINTER IS COMING is time to prepare a electric heated pad for your cat or dog, Our heating pad have a temperature regulator and Timing automati. It can be heated quickly in only a few minutes after you plug in, When you use the low mode, the temperature will automatically rise to 90°F≤34℃,when you use the highest mode, the temperature will be automatically constant when the temperature reaches 104°F≤40℃.it will never get hotter than her body temperature. It is cool to the touch but once you place your hand on it for a few minutes, you can feel the heat.make the pet feel warm and comfortable, and safer. You can put it in a pet bed, or in a pet house.

The small size can be used for 2 adult cats and/2 adult small dogs/ one medium-sized dog. Large size to accommodate 5-6 adult cats/3-4 adult small dogs/2 medium dogs/ one large dog.


Rated Voltage:110V

Power & Working Temperature: Low: 30W ( appr.93°F / 34℃ )

High: 50W ( appr. 104°F / 40℃ )

Material: Oxford cloth, Waterproof PVC material and Flame Retardant Cotton.

Color: Black

6 Month's Guarantee. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Hwo to use the pet heating pad?

☑. Please do not fold the heated pet pad when using.

☑. The heated pet beds Only use voltage of 110-120V.

☑. Only use to your pets or other animals.

☑. Indoor use only, you can place it in the living room or pets house.

☑. Please place the WARMER SIDE of the heating pad FACE UP. You can feel the heat after being plugged in for two minutes. .

Use of advice.

①. Choose the low setting when whole night use.

②. Put a cover but not heavy on the pad to keep clean and safe

③. Unplug the dog heating pad when not use it.

④. Clean the pet heating pad with damp cloth only.

⑤. Keep your dogs away from chewing the cord.

⑥. Check the pet heating pad regularly.