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UNMOT Pet Cage Cleaner Set for Rabbit Cages Guinea Pig Hamster Cat Ferret Birds Parrot Chinchilla for Small Animals Pet Playpen Bedding Cleaning Brush Dustpan and Broom Foam Sponge

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  • We have all you need - 7 in one Pet Cage Cleaning Tool Kit.1 x Foldable Cleaning Brush with stiff bristles which also has a scraper on one end for tougher stuff; 1 x mini cleaning brush with angled and stiff bristles; 1 x small and flat handheld broom and dustpan set for good pick up; 1 x scrubbing sponge brush with long handle; 3 x disposable pvc gloves; 1 x absorbent and thick Microfiber dish cloth; 1 x drawstring wipe clean storage bag
  • You need all we have - all pet age cleaning tools find their way for efficienter clean up. All cleaning tools are made in perfect size and can get into corners of small pets cage, enclosure, toys, playpen and bedding etc., help keeping pet play and sleeping area free of poop, spilled food, dust. Helps to keep your small animal, e.g.puppy dog, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, rat, cat, hedgehog, ferret, sugar glider, chinchilla ect. healthy and safe from bacterial or fungal infections
  • Dustpan and Broom for good pick up. Broom Bristles are stiff and thin enough to pick up pets droppings, food, hair , litter, dust or hay from pet cages and habitats, fleece, blanket bedding and the floor around it. Dustpan with Soft molded lip flush to the floor, small enough for tight areas but big enough not to spill out
  • For spot and messes cleaning in cracks and small areas the 2 cleaning brush work much more efficient. For tief cleaning you can use minky sponge brush and microfiber cleaning cloth, which work hard for you when collecting dirt from your hamster cages, guinea pig cages, ferret cage playpen, rat tubes, rabbit cages, cat crate, or your pet toys and other acc
  • A must-have item if you have small animals and need to routinely clean pet cage, their play erea, toys. This pet cage cleaning set is especial for guinea pig cages, rabbits run and playpen, rats cages, hamster house, birdcage, chinchilla cage, cat litter, snakes cage, messy ferrets cage, rat tubes, cage liner and enclosure ect.indoor and outdoor