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Orphek Aquarium LED Lighting

Universal Fixing Bracket Kit for Aquarium Illumination by Orphek – Easy Install and Cleaning, Anti-Rust, Heavily-Built, Multi-Functional Light Hanging Kit / L 18.11” X W 1.18” X H 0.31”

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  • Orphek Universal Fixing Bracket Kit is designed with the brand’s technology, quality and conceptual design. It is designed specifically for the installation and positioning of Orphek Aquarium LED illumination fixtures.
  • (COMPATIBILITY) Compatible with Atlantik V4, Atlantik V4 Compact and OR LED Bar Lights. Also compatible with other LED lighting brands.
  • (VERSATILITY) You can mix Orphek products or assembly 7 Orphek OR3 LED Bars. It will complete the sleek layout if you are already using our Orphek Mounting Kit.
  • (LAYOUT) Mounts directly to aquarium tank up to 45cm high (17 inch). Easy to install, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance of your aquarium and your fixtures.
  • (WARRANTY & CUSTOMER SUPPORT) - Amazon 30 days return guarantee plus Warranty and Support from Orphek. Also if you have any questions, please contact us via Amazon Q&A section.