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Unifree Disposable Underpads, Bed Pads, Incontinence Pad, Super Absorbent, 50 Count, Blue (XL 30X36 Inch)

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  • Great Value For The Money. Globally Sourced High-quality Material For Well-designed And Affordable Products.
  • Comfortable and Safety. Soft Top Layer. 100% Latex Free. No Irritating Chemicals, Salts, or Dyes.
  • Super Absorbent. Quickly Lock In Fluids And Help Prevent Odor. Keep Liquid Away From Skin For Sound Sleep.
  • Waterproof. Multi-Layered Protection To Lie Atop Wheelchairs, Mattresses, Or Furniture, And To Control Incontinence Related Leakage.
  • Unfold Unifree Underpads On The Bed Or Other Bedding So That The User Can Lie On It Or Use It With A Diaper. To Dispose, Roll Up Product And Dispose In A Waste Receptacle.

Unifree Under pads is made with super absorbent micro polymer beads to lock away liquids for effective leakage protection. Under pads have many uses: for the elderly, pets and diaper changes. Under pads help protect surfaces from accidental spills for an additional Degree of protection for baby and incontinent patients. Unifree Under pads will allow you to easily incorporate excellent absorbency, comfort, and moisture control into your day.