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Uahpet Cat Litter Deodorizer Litter Box Odor Eliminator for All Kinds of Cat Litter Box Bathroom Wardrobe Kitchen and Small Area(80% Deodorization/99% Deodorization

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  • 【Powerful Deodorizing function】uahpet litter deodorizer has the new technology of deodorization, which will remove over 80% of odor from the litter. Once cat litter deodorizer is turned on, its sensor continuously monitors the usage of the litter box until the battery runs out and automatically eliminates odors to ensure a fresh scent around the litter box . (The odor may not disappear completely on the first day of use, but after 2-3 days, and you will feel the significant difference.)
  • 【100% Cat Friendly & Fragrance-free】uahpet litter box deodorizer releases deodorizing and dust-reducing substances(negative ion), its emissions are completely within the standard range. And completely friendly for both you and the pets. Moreover, the deodorizer is equipped with a sensitive biosensing system, when the cat approaches the deodorizer, it will automatically turn off and automatically turn on when the cat leaves. No worries for your meow anymore!
  • 【USB Charged lithium battery】uahpet cat odor eliminator requires no expensive replacements or filters. Our cat litter box deodorizer is powered by low wattage(about 1 watt). With a USB charged lithium battery, It can work up to 7 days on a single charge. 【Sturdy Snap Design】The litter deodorizer uses a heavy-duty Caps with double-sided tape on its snap cap back to hang on any surface you like, so you could easily snap the deodorizer into the cap by turning it but the cat couldn’t scratch it off.
  • 【Multipurpose Use】 uahpet litter box deodorizer is designed for small spaces wherever smells are from places like cat litter boxes, pet pads, shoe cabinetes, kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, other animals' living area etc. Place our uahpet litter box deodorizer in or close to the smelly area to maintain a fresh-scented home for you and the pets. 【Ultra-quiet】The noise reduction design keeps the noise from the device under 20dB so your cat will not be disturbed.
  • 【uahpet Service】The deordorizer is covered by uahpet worry-free customer service. If you have any issues with our product, please feel free to contact us via Amazon message. We will do our best to solve the issue within 24 hours during business hours. 【What's included】: uahpet deodorizer, USB cable(no power adapter) , double-sided tape*2, user manual.

Product Description

Why choose uahpet Cat Litter Deodorizer?

1)Over 80% deodorization rate: uahpet odor eliminator has the new technology of deodorization, which will remove over 80% of odor from the litter. Just place the deodorizer in or near the litter boxes for 2-3 days and it will make the odors disappear.

2)99.9% Dust-Free: uahpet litter box deodorizer has negative ion generator inside. It releases deodorizing and dust-reducing negative ions and helps reduce the dust on the surface of cat litter by 99.99%.

3)100% Cat Friendly: uahpet cat litter deodorizer is different from scented cat litter, deodorant powder or neutralizer, it won’t emanate any fragrance or sensitive smells that will harm cats’ sense of smell or make them uncomfortable.

What's Included

1 x Cat litter Deodorizer

1 x USB cable (Power adapter is not included)

2 x Caps with double-sided tape

1 x User manual

Litter Box Maintenance & Accessories

Size: 3.15*3.15*1.18 inches

Weight: 0.35 lb

Deodorization Rate: ≥80%

Dust reduction Rate: ≥99.9%

Operating Hours: 24/7

Battery Life: up to 7 days on a single charge

Charging Method: USB (1 feet USB cable)

  • Please Note:
  • * The odor may not disappear completely on the first day of use, but after 2-3 days, and you will feel the significant difference;
  • *For better odor control, place the deodorizer in litter box or closer to the box;
  • *When cleaning the litter box every week, you can take out the cat litter deodorizer and charge it.

How to use it?

1. Turn on the power switch on the back of the cat litter deodorizer. The blue light is on, which indicates smart monitoring mode. When the blue light is blinking, it indicates deodorizing and dust reduction mode.

2. There is an Caps with double-sided tape on the back of the odor eliminator. Peel the protection film off and press the adhesive side to the surface you desire.

3. When the battery is running low, a red light will be on. Turn the deodorizer counterclockwise to detach and charge it with the USB cable.

4.When the cat approaches the cat box deodorizer, it will automatically turn off to avoid disturbing or scaring your cat. When the cat leaves, it will automatically turn on.

Suitable For All Kinds Of Occasions Requiring Deodorization Like Cat Litter Box, Bathroom, Shoe Cabinet, Toilet, Wardrobe

24-hour Monitoring

After the deodorizer is turned on, it monitors and remove the odors 24/7 to ensure that the litter box smells fresh.

Highly Sensitive Biosensors

Blue light is on (smart monitoring status)

Blue light blinks (Deodorizing and dust-reducing)

Red light is on/blinking (needs charging)

Lasts 7 days on a single charge

Its battery lasts for 7days on a single charge, so pet odor eliminator saves you from replacing expensive accessories.

How to install it?

1.Use a dry cloth to clean the surface (8-16 inches away from the cat litter box is ideal.)

2.Peel off the protection film of the tape and press it to the surface for 10 seconds.

3.Align the deodorizer to the cap and turn it clockwise until it can’t be turned.

How it works?

1.uahpet litter box odor eliminator contains a negatively charged ion generator inside, It can release deodorizing and dust-reducing ions automatically.

2.It equipped with a highly sensitive biosensors to capture cats movements of entering and exiting the litter box. When the cat approaches the litter box odor eliminator, it will turn off automatically and restart deodorization after the cat leaves.

How to charge it?

1.Hold the cat litter deodorizer and turn it counterclockwise to remove it from the cap. Plug in the USB cable and charge it from any USB port ( ≤ 5v input).

2.The blue light will blink when charging. Once fully charged, the blue light will be on.

3.Align the snap part with the cap slot and turn it clockwise until it can’t be turned.

Material Plastic Plastic Melamine Plastic Plastic