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Topcovos Cat Litter Mat Litter Trapping Mat,24X18 Inch Small Double Layer Honeycomb Litter Box Mat,Eva Phthalate Free Kitty Litter Mat for Floor,Easy Clean Scatter Control

Topcovos Cat Litter Mat Litter Trapping Mat,24X18 Inch Small Double Layer Honeycomb Litter Box Mat,Eva Phthalate Free Kitty Litter Mat for Floor,Easy Clean Scatter Control

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  • ✔ HONEYCOMB CAT LITTER MAT: Covos litter mat double layer honeycomb design helps you gather the litter from litter boxes and kitty paws. Simply pick up the mat and all the litter fall through the first layer and then pour it back in the litter box for recycle. No more getting litter stuck to your feet on a daily basis! Large honeycomb holes are large enough to catch and trap all the litter,prevent the litter spread all over the floors. Place it under your kitty litter boxes for effective usage.
  • ✔ No More Stained Floor: Are you still worry cat urine will leak to your hardwood floors and leave smells? This mat can avoid kitty’s urine from getting through it. Bottom layer is waterproof and also nonskid which will not allow any liquid to go through. You can simply just hose it off if your cat vomit on it. Totally washable, easy to clean and will be dry in a few minutes and be ready to use. Keep your hardwood floors and carpets nice and fresh from nasty urine stains.
  • ✔ Durable EVA Material: Topcovos cat litter trapper mat is made of soft durable and washable EVA material. Litter and dirt can be clean easily in just a few seconds. You don't have to sweep up or vacuum the litters everyday. Save time and strength!! Plastic cat mats have to use vacuum to clean cat litter and still cannot be thoroughly cleaned.
  • ✔ PHTHALATE & BPA FREE: Great in catching litter, soft and comfortable on tender paws. Many other mats use rough materials that may hurt your kitty. Our premium comfort mat is Phthalate free and our super soft EVA material is gentle for sensitive cat paws. Cats even like to step on or have an afternoon nap on it.
  • ✔ WARRANTY: We are proud to offer our customers a No Questions Asked Warranty on your product. While our mat is extremely strong and durable, we know some cats love to scratch! No matter what happens, you can reach out to us directly for assistance. No questions asked!

Product Description

If you are still upset about your cat litter mats, you should choose Topcovos:

1. The litter gets stuck on your cat's paw.

2. Litter is followed throughout the house.

3. Sweep or vacuum the area in front of the litter box 3-4 times a week.

4. Your beautiful cat has delicate paws.

5. You have 2-3 cats and your litter mat is too small.

Why choose Topcovos?

1. The quality of life has increased enormously, because no more rubbish sticks to my feet every day!

2. Topcovos litter mat cleaning method is easy. Just simply pick up the mat and all the litters fall through the first layer and then pour it back in the litter box for recycle usage.

3. Topcovos cat litter mats are made of durable EVA and are non-toxic on cat paws.

Mat specification:

Size: 24”X 18” X 0.5''

Weight: 1.1 lbs

Color: Black / Grey / Brown

Material: EVA foam, PHTHALATE FREE


Topcovos cat litter mat with honeycomb double layer design had 10mm diameter large holes that able to trap litters well.

The litter will fall on the upper layer whenever your kitty walks out from the litter box, and all the litters will naturally trapped on the bottom layer of the mat.

With the size of 24x18inches, the cat mat is perfect and large enough to trap most of the litters.

Does this mat catch litter well and works with all types of litter?

No matter your lovely kitty likes to kick all over around or tracking it throughout your home. There's no longer a necessary to vacuum or sweep the area surrounding the litter box 3-4 times a week with this litter box mat which works well on trapping litter! We've tested this kitty litter mat with corn, pine, wheat, wood and walnut and ended with great results.

Is this mat soft enough for cat's paws?

Definitely soft and durable enough for your kitty which has tender paws. Topcovos cat mat uses non-toxic EVA material and phthalate free which is used widely in housekeeping field. We specifically uses this material because we concerns on your pet.

Is this mat urineproof and easy to clean?

Absolutely YES! The bottom layer of this litter mat is laminated and won't allow liquids soak through it. Do not worry about any urine or water will stain the floor. Keeps your house flooring nice and clean all day!

How to deal with folds :
  • Put some weights on it for a while, it will recover to the previous flat shape soon.
  • Uses a hair dryer, heat the folds and fold it in the opposite direction.
Tips for using it better :

This product is made of EVA material and occasionally has a little smell when you had just unpack it. It is a normal phenomenon. Keep the product in a ventilated place for a few hours amd the smell will dissapear.



Grab the cat litter mat up, make a point not tip or twist it and drop any litter piece settled in the curls. Without any abrupt motion or flipping around the mat, go outside. Turn it vertical and shake out the litter mat, making the litter break free of the loops. You might shake out the litter mat on the litter box for recycle usage.


Topcovos cat litter mat can be washed using hand or hosed down in a basin or bowl with cleanser and water, after that it should be air-dried and ideally not onto direct daylight before you can use the litter cat mat again. We don’t suggest washing the mat in a washing machine and dry it in a drying machine. Vacuuming is a simple way for cleaning smooth outer or curled mats. It does not require heading outside, getting wet or bursting out a hose and it can occur alongside your ordinary housekeeping routine.

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