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TOCO FREIDO Fish Tank Cleaner Kit, Aquarium Gravel Vacuum Gravel Cleaner with Algae Scraper, Water Flow Controller and Extendable Pipe for Quick Water Changing, Tank, Sand and Gravel Cleaning

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  • 1)【6 IN 1 AQUARIUM GRAVEL CLEANER FISH TANK CLEANER KIT】- 【PACKAGE INCLUDED】: Water changer set + Algae Scraper + Fishnet + Rake + Fork + Sponge. Compatible with 1pcs soft water pipe(72.4in) and 2pcs hard water pipes(11in*2). It is easy to install and operate. fitting different-sized fish tank.
  • 2)【ANTI-BACK FLOW VALVE DESIGN】 - Widened anti-reverse pipe makes drainage more effective. Note: Put the QV letter end downward against the bucket when using because the pump is unidirectional.
  • 3)【EASY TO USE】 - Syphon pump is easy to grip, just squeeze the pump a few times, water will start flow automatically. High quality PVC tube won't collapse to block the water flow, easy to bend it into any position to fit for your use. (Note: The position of water outlet must be lower than the inlet.)
  • 4)【EASY TO INSTALL】 - The fish tank gravel cleaner can be split into different parts and you can adjust them as per your needs. Besides, it can be fixed on the fish tank to free your hands, great for daily maintenance and routine water changing.
  • 5)【MULTIFUNCTIONAL WATER TANK CLEANER KIT 】 Keep your hands dry and clean with this 5 in 1 multi-function aquarium cleaning tool. TOCO FREIDO fish tank cleaner great for cleaning and removing dirty debris from your tank and aquarium. All made of durable ABS plastic material, anti-rust