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The Chanvra Hemp All Purpose Pet Mat | Sleeping, Nesting, Reptile Carpet | Rat/Hamster Cage/Bearded Dragon Tank Accessories | Lizard Snake Terrarium Liner | Small Animal Hemp Bedding Sold Separate

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  • SAFE, SANITARY COMFORT: Naturally cultivated hemp fiber mats. No waxes, additives or chemicals. Very soft & comfortable. Fully compostable and biodegradable; eatable and digestible. Suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • ABSORBENT MATERIAL USEFUL FOR THE WHOLE PET FAMILY: The mat can easily be cut to size for a multitude of applications. It has good absorption properties which helps keep their spaces clean. Ideal for a cage or terrarium floor.
  • GOOD FUN FOR RODENTS: Our hemp mat cage carpet will stimulate their natural instincts to bite fibers and build a cozy corner nest!
  • PROTECTS REPTILES: When used as a terrarium lining, the mat can help protect sensitive, scaly skin. It keeps them safe from excessive moisture and dirt.
  • FOR ULTIMATE ABSORPTION AND ODOR ELIMINATION, ADD HEMP BEDDING TO YOUR ORDER: Our purchasing options include the ability to add a bale of hemp pet bedding to your order. Hemp mats and hemp litter- and their complimentary hydro properties - combine to make the perfect cage environment!