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Sussexhome Pets Ultra-Thin Cat and Dog Litter Mat for Litter Box - Washable Soft Natural Cotton Cat and Dog Litter Trapping Mat - Paws-Kind Slip Resistant Litter Catching Mat

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  • 🐱 TRACKING PREVENTIVE CAT LITTER RUG: Design for all types of litter, this cat box mat is designed to catch and collect the litter, while its soft to touch cotton surface makes it ideal for playing and cooling off; Smoothly textured, our cat mat for litter ensures nothing gets scatter or tracked beyond it
  • 🐶 ULTRA-THIN BUILD: Measuring under 1/4" in thickness, this low pile litter box mat will never get trapped under the doors or create a tripping hazard; Family and pets safe thin litter rug for under the box can be easily moved around, reposition, shaken off and vacuum cleaned whenever needed
  • 🐱 NON-SKID AND SAFE: To prevent this protective kitty litter mat from skidding, it comes armed with a protective non-slip backing, ensuring it stays in place even during the most frequent visits in and out of the box; The cat rug firmly connects with the floor surface to avoid accidental sliding and hazardous movements, while water-absorbent for safety, security, and hygiene
  • 🐶 PET-SAFE & PAWS-SOFT: With pet safety and comfort in focus, this cat litter catcher mat is made of non-toxic materials that are smooth to touch and gentle to the sensitive paws of cats of all ages and breeds; Water and urine proof bottom layer protects the floor and the pet's wellbeing
  • 🐱 MACHINE WASHABLE: With ultimate convenience in focus, our lightweight, flexible, and machine washable cat litter mat for floors will fit all standard washers; Wash at 30 degrees with low-temperature drying to ensure it will serve you and your pet for years to come

Are you tired of littering and find yourself continually looking after your cat's scatter debris? Don't be! Fortunately, SussexHome Pets has the solution to tracking the litter problem. Our cat litter box mat effectively covers the pet toilet area, saving you time and effort from sweeping all this annoying mess. At the same time, soft-to-paws natural cotton offers smoothness and can easily pair as the cat's playmat.   Ultra-Thin & Non-Skid Design for Ultimate Protection This protective non-slip-backed cat litter trap mat is made of lightweight, soft, and durable 70% cotton and 30% polyester material, preventing slipping on most floor types. With under 1/4" in thickness to fit under the box, doors, or furniture, our rug for cats is ideal for placing anywhere without worry of hazardous sliding.   Machine Washable & Easy to Vacuum You can use a brush or vacuum cleaner to clean the cat rug for litter conveniently, while a lightweight, flexible cotton structure is perfect for machine washing. Wash at 30°CTumble dry at low temperatureAir dry if needed   Water & Urine Absorbent You don't have to worry about staining the floors anymore. The liquid-protective bottom layer shields against vomit, urine, and other accidental leaks while straightforward to wash with water and quick to dry.    Unique Stylish Patterns for All Surroundings With quality materials paired with the latest technology in printing, our pet supplies for cats will complement all decor styles by adding patterned accents in bold colors and head-turning prints.