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Sungrow Washable Dog Diapers, Fits 9-15 Inches Waist, Reusable, Easy to Use, Pack of 3

Sungrow Washable Dog Diapers, Fits 9-15 Inches Waist, Reusable, Easy to Use, Pack of 3

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  • ✔ Comfortable Doggy Diapers --- Unlike disposable dog diapers that have a crinkly or itchy feel, these diaper wraps for dogs are soft and comfortable. Your pup won’t even feel that they are wearing it. The diapers are soft on both the inside and outside including the stitched edging.
  • ✔ Sanitary Pad For Dogs --- Why allow doggy diapers fill up the landfills when you can simply use our cloth diapers for dogs again and again! Toss them in the washing machine when they are soiled and they will come out like new!
  • ✔ Super-absorbent For Male Or Female Dogs --- Whether your male dog is suffering from incontinence or your female dog is in the proestrus phase of the heat cycle, these super absorbent washable dog diapers are here to save the day. With four layers of absorbent materials and a water-resistive outer layer they will ensure no leaks or odor!
  • ✔ Easy To Use --- Not all dogs are going to go for wearing a diaper straight away, but they get used to it pretty quickly. Life is easy for you too, with no snaps, or fiddly pieces, just two hook and pile fastener closures that are quick and easy to secure around the rear end of your dog. The hook and loop fastener will not stick or pull on any of your pet’s fur.
  • ✔ Pack Of 3 Cute Looking Cloth Diapers --- This pack of 3 solid colored dog nappies are super cute and everyone who sees your dog will smile! They come in blue, pink and purple so you can change things up day to day. The all-around coverage is also good for saving your rugs, furniture or car seats from poop accidents as well!

Soft fabric diapers for male and female dogs are extremely useful to have on hand. Keep one in the car in case your dog gets nervous and urinates on your car seats, and keep another one in your purse in case you are going indoors with your untrained puppy who you can’t trust to hold it in. Doggy diapers are also useful for female dogs in heat, if you don’t want them leaving blood stains around the house. Many pet parents like to use dog diapers if their dogs get sick or are suffering from incontinence. The absorbent fabric, and no leak tailhole will save your carpets, rugs, sofas, or floors from getting ruined. Don’t be afraid. These diapers are reusable. They can go straight into the washing machine and will come out as good as new! Specifications: Suitable for Medium Sized Dogs Waist Size 9" to 15" Material: Polyester fabric Color: Blue, Purple and Pink

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