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Strange Koala Tortoise House Habitat Enclosure Turtle Cage for Small Animals

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This turtle house is the most suitable habitat for turtles. The first choice for professional turtle breeders, box turtles have a solid wooden structure, and rigorous design size and workmanship provide privacy and safety for your reptile pets. This turtle box provides a lot of walking and rest space for your turtle. This will make your turtle house last longer.
  • Glass decoration:Transparent glass panel design,Feel the immersive environment
  • Wooden structure:Safe and firm,Protect your pet turtle from the cold weather
  • Two-Room Design:The tortoise house has a built-in hidden area and a sunny area with a metal grille, making it the preferred cage for placing the tortoise indoors or outdoors
  • Support rod:Open the top cover and fix the support so that the animals can fully enjoy the sun
  • Lockable latch:Lockable steel wire cover safety cover to ensure safety and easy to lock or open