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Sphynx Hairless Cat Clothes Autumn Winter Fashion Solid Color Zipper Coat Sleeveless High Collar Soft Faux Fur Sweater Outfit with Pocket

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  • 【Soft & Comfy Material】Sphynx Hairless Cats do not have hair, so their skin is very Sensitive and Vulnerable.WQCXYHW Pet shirts Designed Made of Soft and Anti-Allergy Cotton,Perfect for Sphynx Cat.
  • 【Cute Design】The Solid Color Zipper Coat Sleeveless vest made of are handmade and well stitched.High Collar Soft Faux Fur vest 。cat coat Simple but well Designed according to the cats’ body Lines, so they Perfect fit their Body. This Cat vest is easy to pull on and take off. Loose Waist made running and jumping more ease and comfortable. A“Must-Have”Daily costumes coat for the Hairless Cat.
  • 【Fit 4 Seasons】Great for all season, in autumn winter,this Sweat absorbing cat coat is very comfortable to wear.Soft & Skin-Friendly,Lightweight, comfortable, warm and soft.The fabric keeps your cat body breathable and comfortable at home.Perfect for everyday wear, parties and photos wear.
  • 【Perfect Gifts for Cat】Perfect pet top gift for your little cute.Perfect for Sphynx Cat, Devon Rex Cat, Cornish Rex Cat and Peterbald Cat and others.
  • 【Measures】Attention: All these Size suggestions are for Hairless Cat Only. M for Weight 4.4-5.5 lbs. L for Weight 6.6-8.8 lbs. XL for Weight 8.8-11 lbs. XXL for Weight 11-15 lbs.If Your cats are NOT hairless but like our shirts, Please order one size Larger. More Size information please refer to the size chart below.

WQCXYHW Pet clothes

This Cat vest is Perfect for Sphynx Cat, Devon Rex Cat, Cornish Rex Cat and Peter bald Cat.

Material: 100% Cotton

Thickness: Thick

Seasons:  Autumn,winter.

Occasion: Daily Wear, Sleeping, Taking Photo, Holiday, Party and any other Occasions.

Why a Hairless Cat need to wear a coat?

1.Without the protect of Cat hair, Sphynx hairless cat is very sensitive to temperature and easy to get hurt.

2.Their Cool Shirt is very suitable for dress up and taking photos.

So High Quality Cotton Clothes are quite needed to protect and beautify them.

How to Choose Clothes for a Hairless Cat?

In summer, We need to dress them up or keep away direct sunlight to protect them from sunburn.

In winter, Warm Clothes are very necessary to to keep them from Catching a cold or get frozen.

Temperature above 25 degrees, thin T-shirts or vest would be good choice.

Temperature from 15-25 degrees, they need to wear Medium thick cotton coats.

Temperature from 10-15 degrees, they need to wear thick cotton coats.

Temperature under 10 degrees, they need to wear winter Cotton-padded jacket.