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Soft Barks

Soft Barks Male Pet Simple and Convenient Disposable Male Wrap Dog Diapers, 48 Count

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  • MALE WRAPS 48 Pack - Our disposable male dog diapers have three sizes, the Medium one is specifically designed to fit doggy with 18"-25" waist the wraps is suitable for dogs such as 20-45 pounds
  • ABSORBENT - With super absorbent core the small dog pee diapers can absorb liquid quickly and prevent any unwanted spills or accidents you don't expect; and the breathable layer make your lovely fur-friend fell comfortable all days
  • BREATHABLE- The inner layer of the male diapers is soft non-woven, which can help the liquid quickly penerate into the second layer; breathable outlayer allow the odor emit through tiny pores on the surface, keep dogs dry and comfortable
  • USES: The male belly band is a versatile tool for all stages of your pet’s life. From use as male puppy diapers, to adult dog diapers, then finally dog diapers for older dogs, they are an essential home protection tool. They are also very useful solutions as protection against excitable urination,

Disposable Male Wrap Dog Diaper provides a soft,super absorbent polymer,leak-proof fit with adjustable, fur-friendly fasteners and a super absorbent core to give your pet a secure and comfortable fit. Made from lightweight microfiber fabric and the magic tabs allow for individual adjustment and easy to wear. Perfect for male dogs with urinary incontinence, excitable urination, and male marking issues.