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Slinky Paws

Slinky Paws Cat Scratch Furniture Protector and Scratch Deterrent Tape Will Shield Your Furniture from Cat Claws While Training Your Feline to Use Their Scratch Post

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  • PROTECTS YOUR FURNITURE- These strong sheets securely shield furniture surfaces from your cat’s claws. The stickiness of the sheet repels the claws and discourages your cat from scratching your couches and chairs keeping them protected
  • EASY AND SIMPLE TO USE The large sheets can be cut into any shape and size to cover spots that are vulnerable to needle sharp nails. Simply peel back the scratch tape from the sheet and stick it to wherever you need it. Once the adhesive tape is applied to your cats favorite scratch spot, your work is done
  • TRAIN KITTENS & CATS TO USE A SCRATCH POST- Cats don’t like the feel of the sticky surface on their claws which trains them to stop clawing the furniture and use their scratch post instead
  • EASILY REMOVES WITHOUT STICKY RESIDUE - These ultra-thin cat scratch deterrent sheets are made from top quality tape that will not leave any residue when removed. These adhesive sheet work on most surfaces - not recommended for leather
  • BLENDS IN WITH YOUR FURNITURE- This adhesive tape is 100% transparent. The ultra -thin sheets instantly disappear into your furniture. You will never have to look at one of those ugly bulky couch covers again