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Simple Solution

Simple Solution Yard Odor Away! Hose Spray Concentrate | Pet Odor Eliminator for Outdoors | 32 Oz

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  • PATENTED ODOR-NEUTRALIZING TECHNOLOGY: Specifically formulated to remove pet waste odors and be the outdoor pet odor neutralizer.
  • ODOR FIGHTING POWER: Pro-Bacteria and Enzymes removes pet odors around your deck, patio furniture concrete and backyard.
  • ODOR-FREE OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING: The pet odor eliminating power treats up to 5,000 sq. ft. of outdoor space.
  • ELIMINATE OLD AND NEW PROBLEM AREAS: The patented formula works on both new and old pet problem areas outdoors.
  • SAFE TO USE AROUND THE FAMILY: Formula is safe to use on plants, grass and shrubbery and to use around pets when used as directed.