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Roudybush 244MDBD 44Oz. Medium Breeder Bird Food

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This diet meets the nutritional needs of the growing chick. Feed it to overweight breeding birds that are feeding chicks. Mix 1/3 Breeder with 2/3 Low-Fat Maintenance for overweight birds that are chronic egg layers or overweight birds with a tendency to develop hypocalcaemia (such as African Greys). The mixture provides the extra calcium and vitamin D3 to support egg production or to meet the needs of birds that seem to need more calcium than other birds. Do not give additional vitamin or mineral supplements, such as cuttlebone, mineral block, or multivitamins. Fresh fruits and vegetables may be given as a minor part of the diet.- SKU: ROUD053
Roudybush 244MDBD 44oz. Medium Breeder Bird Food