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Rockever Tortoise House Habitat Wooden Small Animal Hutch Enclosure Indoor/Outdoor

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  • Luxury apartment for your little friend:it's perfect for tortoise or other reptile. Box size is about 36"X24"X13" the grate space is 3.3"x1".
  • Easy to assemble with a screw driver,box came with everything ready to assemble, pre-drilled holes and hardware, the predrilled holes line up correctly.
  • The grate and the latch are very durable that would make sure your tortoise stays safe.
  • This turtle box is worth the penny. You will get what you pay for.It's made of solid wood, and metal grate would withstand heat from the lamp.
  • Color: grey

Product Description

  • 100% Natual Fir Wood
  • Double Room Design
  • Dimension: 36"L*24"W*13"H
  • Lamp Frame Design

Rockever's Luxury Tortoise Apartment

Solid and Durable Turtle Enclosure

It's a great selection for your little friend. It's perfect for tortoise or other reptile. Box size is about 36"X24"X13". The double room design with large area is a sweet habitat for your pets to hide, bask, climb and relax.

Large Apartment for Small Animals.

Spacious two-room design, wooden apartment with hiding hut and large run area for various accessories.

Solid and Durable Structure

Made of natural fir wood, Solid and Durable Constructure, applied with safe water-base painting.

Solid Wooden Floor

Sturdy for easy maintenance.

Locked Wire Top

Make your pet stay safe.

High Quality Wire Grate

Thick metal grate would withstand heat from the lamp.

Lamp Frame Support Degisn

Easy to fix your basking Lamp if required.

Easy Clean with Top Open

Tops open with sturdy hinge are design for easy clean.

For outdoor use?
Suitable for? Cat,Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Tortoise, Hens, Hedgehog, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Tortoise,Hedgehog Cat Cat Cat, Hens, Dogs, Duck Bird