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Reptile Humidifier , Smart Touch Timing Adjust Humidity Reptile Humidifier Atomizer with Double Extension Tube/Hose, Suitable for All Kinds of Reptiles/Amphibians (4L)

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  • 【Smart touch】: This product is a digital display smart touch, which can easily set the time and third-level humidity, control the amount of fog, and easily adjust the humidity to cause dehydration, dry tail, bulging back, sunken eyes, and spirit of crawling pets. Frustration, etc.
  • 【Mute and humidification】: The noise is less than 35dB, high-frequency atomization film, high-frequency vibration, so that the water becomes a fine mist, simulating the natural environment, and delicately moisturizing.
  • 【Water shortage induction system】: Automatic power-off safety protection when the water tank is short of water, so as to avoid potential safety hazards, and safety is more worry-free.
  • 【4L Large capacity】: 4L large capacity humidifier, no need to add water frequently, keeping crawling pets moisturized all day.
  • 【Excellent design】: 1. The heat dissipation holes at the bottom can promptly dissipate heat for the host and prolong its service life. 2. The retractable hose can be bent and retracted at will, and can be used according to actual changes. 3. Safety power cord: extend the power cord to ensure safety. 4. Equipped with two fixed suction cups, which can fix the atomization hose on the top of the net-top climbing box or directly extend into the climbing box and fix it on the glass.