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Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb -60W Ceramic Heat Emitter No Harm No Light Infrared Heater Lamp for Chicken Coop Lizard Aquarium Snake outside Dogs Brooder 110V,White

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  • ✔ Perfect 24 Hours Heat Sources – Ceramic heat emitter is a radiant heat source which creates a natural sunlike heat with a uniform pattern, last up to 10000 hours.
  • ✔ 100% Heat Efficiency – Reptile heat lamp the long wave infrared heat produced by this emitter will warm reptiles very efficiently. It also increases the ambient air temperature in the terrarium.
  • ✔ No Light Emitted – Reptile heat bulb does not disturb normal sleeping habits of reptiles, chickens coops and outside pets. Available for daily use.
  • ✔ Suitable for High Humid Environments – Ceramic heat lamp was made of high-purity pottery clay which ensures its anti-crack and working in high humidity terrariums.
  • ✔ Heat Lamp for Reptiles Voltage: AC 110-120V; Power: 60W; Material: Ceramic, Metal; To avoid scald, please wait at least 1 hour to cool down before touch it.

Product Description

Ceramic Heat Emitter - 60W

The ceramic heat lamp for reptiles is a radiant heat source which creates a natural sun-like heat . The long wave infrared heat produced by reptile heat bulb will warm reptiles very efficiently. Heat lamp for reptiles also increases the ambient air temperature in the terrarium.Chicken coop heater are the perfect 24 hour heat source for all reptiles. These porcelain heating devices screw into a standard porcelain incandescent socket,giving off intense “muscle-penetrating” infrared heat.

Product features

  • 100% heat efficiency
  • Solid ceramic element, suitable for humid environments
  • No light emitted, does not disturb normal photo periods
  • Ideal for small gecko , hatchling reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates (arachnids or tarantulas)

How do the infrared heat lamp keep your pet warm and health?

No Light Emitted

Reptile heat lamp bulbs do not emit light, using a radioactive heat source,will not disturb their normal sleep schedule (day or night).

Sturdy And Durable

Heat lamp bulbs for reptiles produced with high-quality ceramics powder and high-quality glaze baked two times in a kiln.The material and process result in a heat source that produces infrared ray heating source.

High Energy Efficiency

The reptile heat lamp uses a spiral surface design lengthens the length of the filament, enlarging the heating area and increasing the space temperature in a short time, and turtle heat lamp can achieve 100% heating efficiency.

Reptiles and Amphibians

The heat lamp for bearded dragon provide sun-like infrared heat penetrating the scales and skin tissue, promoting health and increases blood circulation.


Heat lamp for chickens create a warm and comfortable house for your outside cats and dogs,have a nap during cold winter.

Dogs and Cats

Heat lamp for dogs is a great brooder to warm baby chick,keep it warms at night without the all-night glaring bright light.

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For Best Results:


2. Heat lamp bulb is extremely hot while in operation, do not touch by hand

3. Before remove the ceramic heat bulb from fixture, please allow at least 30 min to cool

4. Dry location use only, for indoor household use

5. Do not use if any damaged

Color White Red White White Black
Specifications 60W 75W 50W 100W 100W
Quantity 1pack 2pack 2pack 1pack 2pack
Use Age 24hours Nightlight Daylight 24hours 24hours