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Reptile Growth

Reptile Growth Reptile Terrarium, 12" X 7"X 9" Reptile Tank with Full View Visually Appealing,Crystal Explosion Proof PC Mini Reptile Habitat Cages for Reptiles and Amphibians.

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  • 【Provide Your Pet With a Comfy Home】 The top is made of metal screen to provide adequate ventilation and is safe for overhead heat sources and your pet can enjoy optimal airflow, UVB and infrared penetration, and dome lighting to meet the needs of the reptile keepers.
  • 【Clear Crystal Explosion Proof PC with 360 Degree full View】Made with high quality thick and extremely high hardness crystal explosion proof PC base for more safety. The biggest feature of this terrarium tank is that it is explosion-proof and anti-drop, with a brightness of more than 98%, and it will not yellow after long-term use. The temperature of this reptile tank can withstand -20 °C to 120 °C. An ideal habitat for desert-dwelling animals.
  • 【Compact Design and Easily Accessible For Feeding】The cover comes with specially designed feeding port that are designed to be functional and also visually appealing.Unique with super convenient feeding port, magnet spring double insurance, light push feeding, automatic closing to prevent escape.
  • 【Wide Application 】- The terrarium is water tight and can hold water.Suitable for ecological rainforest terrariums, amphibious animal terrariums, breeding lizards, tortoise, chameleon, snake, nilk frog, clown frog, jumping spider, turtle, grandis, morelia viridis, snake, gecko, bearded dragon, ball python, leopard, king snake, anole
  • 【Different Sizes For Your Choice】Not need install, easy to use.we have different size,PT02 size:12" x 7" x 9",you can choice suitable size for your reptile. (Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns,we will reply to you to solve your problem in 24H.)