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The Real Meat Company

Real Meat, Air-Dried Jerky Treats, Free-Range, All-Natural Chicken Venison Cat Treat 3Oz

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  • Real Meat, the original air-dried dog & cat foods and natural limited ingredient jerky treats. Made from free-range grass-fed beef, lamb, venison, cage-free turkey or chicken and sustainably managed ocean-caught hoki and mackerel.
  • Great training treats, natural, healthy, not greasy or smelly, no fillers, colorings or chemical preservatives, just great treats!
  • Based on the natural prey diet, Real Meat Company balances quality ingredients, premium nutrition and affordability, a great treat is only great if the pets like it and the owners can afford it!

All Natural Cat Treats, 95% Meat! Made from all-natural free-range beef, lamb and venison from New Zealand, free-range, cage-free chicken, turkey and duck and sustainably harvested, ocean caught Hoki and Mackerel from the South Pacific. Our Jerky Treats are sugar free, grain free, no fillers and packed full of natural meaty flavor! Real Meat Company uses high quality meats and a gentle air-drying process to deliver premium products at an affordable price!

Chicken, Venison, Chicory Root, Vegetable Glycerin, Salt, Fennel, Celery Seed, Mixed Tocopherols (used as a preservative)./div>