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PURRRFECT PAWZ Matte Cat Furniture Protector - 12 Pack - Cat Scratch Deterrent, Cat Sofa Protector to Prevent Cat Scratching, Furniture Protectors from Cats, Stop Cats from Scratching Furniture

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  • 😻 Designed By CAT PARENTS - Enjoy your cat scratch deterrent, designed with love for you and your cat! Our furniture protectors from cats will stop cats from scratching furniture.
  • 😻 MATTE Finish - Looking for a sofa protector for cats that won’t glare? The Purrrfect Pawz Matte Cat Scratch Furniture Protector is what you’ve been looking for. Our anti scratch furniture protector is the FIRST matte couch protectors from cats scratching on the market of its kind.
  • 😻 VARIETY Pack - The furniture scratch guards for cats include 12 Pre-cut scratch protectors for furniture that come in 3 sizes: 4 Large (12’Lx9W’), 4 Medium (12’Lx4.5’W) and 4 Small (6’Lx9’W). The set includes 48 clear upholstery pins to secure the cat scratch couch protector. The cat deterrent for furniture is ideal for corners and couch arms.
  • 😻 SINGLE SIDED tape - Not Sticky on the outside: The cat scratch protector won’t attract lint or cat hair. The cat scratch protectors for furniture are clear. The cat scratch pad is thick, durable and flexible.
  • 😻 MULTI SURFACE Use: To prevent cat scratching furniture, use the furniture scratch guards for cats on fabric, wood, glass, tiles and countertop. NOT RECOMMENDED for faux and genuine leather, fur and velvet. Highly recommended to TEST on a hidden area first!

Product Description

PURRRFECT PAWZ cat scratch protectors for furniture : Happy Cats. Happy Couches

Want to prevent cat scratching furniture? Here is a step by step guide for cat scratch protectors for couch:


Use your lint roller on any areas of fabric where you want to apply the furniture cat scratch guards for an even application that won't bubbles up or peel.


Peel off the transparent adhesive sheet from the white backing. The couch guard furniture protector will quickly and easily come off.


Make sure you align the clear cat scratch tape for furniture with light hand pressure.


To ensure the best possible deterrent effect, secure each sheet with twist pins. Apply one pin at a time .

Our Story:


When you're a cat parent, it can be hard to find furniture that's both stylish and durable. That is why PURRRFECT PAWZ was founded in 2020 by cat lovers who had enough of seeing their sofa scratched up until its fibers were exposed raw under the constant clawing of their kitten!

Now with over 10000 satisfied customers across North America alone (and counting), we've helped solve countless problems for pet owners through our one purrrfect solution: The PURRRFECT PAWZ Cat Scratch Furniture Protectors.

We all know that furniture is often used for its practicality, but what if it had an added benefit? Our protector will keep cats from scratching furniture.

Still not convinced this is the right furniture protectors from cats? Listen to what our customers say:

Beats sticky tape and squirt bottles

I've tried the sticky furniture tape and all that did was leave me with peelings, not detecting a cat. I'm glad I found this great alternative! It's like magic- the cat scratch deterrent attaches itself securely without any residue on your the fabric. This will be perfect for us since we don't want to damage our sofa anymore than necessary.

One of the best things I've purchased on Amazon thus far!!!

The couch protectors from cats scratching is made of thick durable material and easy to put on. I just bought a new couches and naturally my cats started scratching. I purchased these and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of the strips. They were super easy to apply and I loved that I could simply cut the sheets myself to match the shapes and sizes

Easy to Use and Definitely Works to Deter the Kitties!

I have two cats who are incredibly active and love scratching up every single piece of furniture in the house, despite having multiple scratching posts for that very purpose. This is the first time I've ever tried cat scratch guards for furniture; it's incredibly easy to cut to your furniture's dimensions and apply. I also love how the transparency doesn't take away from the look and feel of our furniture.I would recommend the couch cover for cats scratching for anyone with a naughty cat at home!

Must have if your cat likes to scratch

I just got a new kitten and he loves scratching my living room couch! It's not stopped him from doing so until I found these couch guards for cats. The process to apply it was easy-the flexible material allows you plenty of space so even if your pet has really sharp claws they won't get stuck on any edges while stretching out across their behalf favorite spots. This stuff will stop your cat scratching furniture!

Our anti-scratch furniture protector is something that you should invest in, not only because it will protect your expensive sofa from everyday wear and tear but also to give yourself peace of mind:

Easy to install

This product is great! Flexible and very easy to apply. The adhesive sticks well on the furniture. Best cat scratching protectors for furniture I used so far. I put a scratching post next to the couch where I applied the furniture scratch guards for cats. The cat if still wants to scratch, will scratch the scratching post instead. In case he changes his mind, the couch corner scratching post is there to protect the couch from cat scratching. Best investment!

It stopped my cat from scratching my couch!

This product is simple to apply and easy on my furniture. It's stopping cat scratches in all the right places! I've placed the couch protector for cats around our expensive couch, preventing any further damage from occurring while saving us time scrubbing up wet spots every day before work or school starts again today - thanks for making life easier :)

Much better than double sided tape or sprays!

Love them! I have tried every spray , double sided tape , etc. My little guy just found a way to still scratch even with cat towers and posts. The cat scratch protectors for furniture are easy to apply and trim. They furniture nails are a perfect. Looks better than tape because the tape get fuzzy and gross. These works great for me and deterred my cats.

Saves your couch

It definitely helps discourage clawing. My cat shows me where I need to put them as she tries to find new areas to claw. The cat scratching deterrent is sticky and holding up well. The cat scratch furniture protector is clear and not that noticeable. Got plenty left over to continue using as my cat shows me where to put them.

Want to know more about our cat scratch deterrent? Here are the FAQs:

Q: Where can these be used?

A: The couch protector for cats can be used on most fabrics: polyester, cotton, acetate, wood, and even glass. It is not recommended to use the cat scratch furniture protector on real or faux leather or on fur.

Q: How many furniture protectors are in the set?

A: Our cat scratch couch set includes 8 XL (17’L x 10W') scratch guard for furniture from cats and 48 clear upholstery pins to secure the plastic couch protector from cats on any size couch or chair.

Q: How much time does it take to install these?

It takes only a few minutes to install the plastic furniture covers.

Q: My cat has extremely sharp claws. Is the couch protector for cats thick enough?

A: To prevent cats from scratching furniture, the cat scratch couch protector is designed with a thick, durable and flexible material that will not attract lint or hair. This means your furniture stays clean and hese protectors hold up beautifully on your furniture.

Q: Can the cat scratch couch protector be reused?

A: The adhesive properties of our furniture protector will lose their stickiness over time if they are being reused. However if you apply them without any dust or oils on a clean surface, then there's more chance to reuse it later down the line.