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Purina Tidy Cats

Purina Tidy Cats 4-In-1 Strength Clumping Cat Litter

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  • One (1) 38 lb. Box - Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter, Tidy Max 4 in 1 Strength Multi Cat Litter
  • Tidy Max ammonia blocker blocks ammonia odor for up to 2 weeks
  • Tidy Max moisture activated power pieces absorb odor and liquids
  • Attacks and neutralizes ammonia, urine and fecal odors
  • Powerful clumping action for easy cleanup

Put the power of advanced odor control on your side by using Purina Tidy Cats Tidy Max 4-in-1 Strength clumping litter. Specially formulated to attack urine, ammonia and fecal odors, this cat litter features an Ammonia Blocker and an Absorptive Power Piece to help keep your cats' litter box dry and smelling fresh. The powerful clumping action helps to make scooping the litter boxes a quick and easy chore, and the 99.9% dust-free formula pours cleanly into each box for less mess on your floors and surfaces. Put this quad-action clumping litter to work in your multiple-cat home to ensure your cats' box area remains clean and inviting. This Tidy Cats litter stands up to frequent, everyday use in your home while keeping odors at bay, so you can check litter box cleaning off your to-do list and spend more quality time enjoying your feline family. We package this cat litter in a recyclable box for convenient storage.