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Purina Friskies

Purina Friskies Party Mix Adult Cat Treats - (6) 6 Oz. Pouches

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  • Six (6) 6 Oz. Pouch - Purina Friskies Party Mix Tender Crunchy Chicken & Waffles Cat Treats
  • Made With Real Chicken For Savory Taste
  • With Chicken And Waffle Flavors
  • With Pieces That Feature A Combination Of Crunchy And Tender Textures
  • Crunchy Texture Helps Clean Teeth

Shake up your cat's routine with the lip-smacking deliciousness of Purina Friskies Party Mix Chicken & Waffles Flavors Tender & Crunchy cat treats. With flavors worthy of weekend brunch, these cat treats give your feline friend a taste of what she's been missing at the family table. Our recipe pairs real chicken with the flavor of waffles for a dynamic duo that satiates your cat's need for novelty. The bite-sized treats stimulate her senses with pieces that feature a crunchy exterior and tender inside. Every pouch includes a variety of fun shapes to encourage interaction, whether your cat shows her pleasure by purring, prancing or pouncing. Each piece is under two calories, so you can offer a snack without feeling guilty about indulging your cat. You cherish your time together. Make the most of the moment and reward her adventurous spirit with the scrumptious taste of Chicken & Waffles Flavors cat treats. For cat snacks that deliver on quality, order Purina Friskies at