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Premium Large Cat Litter Mat 35" X 23", Traps Messes, Easy Clean, Durable, Litter Box Mat with Scatter Control - Soft on Kitty Paws

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  • Clean Feet for All – Help your cats keep their paws clean, and avoid the toe-scrunching sensation of dirty litter on your feet. Your Easyology litter trapping mat improves life for the whole family.
  • Textured to Trap – Control litter spread effortlessly with your purpose-built kitty litter mat. Your rug uses loosely woven fibers to let scattered litter in and hold it until you’re ready to clean.
  • Pampered Paws – Give your cats something to purr about. Your happy cat mat is soft on their little toe beans and helps them clean off their paws before they go back to climbing the curtains.
  • Cleanliness is Catliness – Use Easyology cat litter mats for floor protection. Your mat protects your laminate, carpet, and hardwood floors from urine with its anti-slip, waterproof rubber backing.
  • Easyological Solutions – Count on the cat enthusiasts at Easyology to understand your needs as a cat owner. Your easy clean cat litter box mat is the product of science, experience, and love for cats.