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POFUIERKN 30 Pcs Disposable Rabbit Guinea Pig Cage Liners Plastic Clear Bunny Cage Liner Bag Universal Toilet Film,Small Animal Bedding, Hamster Bunny Litter Pan Bags

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  • 30 disposable film bags, which are used to collect debris on the pet cage tray, which is hygienic and environmentally friendly.
  • Material:The disposable rabbit cage cushion is made of high quality plastic, non-toxic and has high loading capacity.
  • Easy to use: Just pull the elastic band and put it on the tray, not easy to fall off, easy to use and easy to clean.
  • LARGE Sizes:The Disposable Rabbit Cage Liner Has Elastic Band Edging, The Stretch Length is 1.2 Meters, and The Cage Trays Within 70*50cm Can Be Used, It has a wide range of applicability and is convenient to carry.
  • Wide Applications:These Small Animals Cage Liners Are Suitable perfect for most small animals, such as parrots,hamsters, rabbits, chinchillas, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, etc.

30 pieces Hamster Cages Disposable Animals Cage Liner-Pet Toilet Films Clear Plastic Liner Disposable Rabbit Cage Liner
Material: plastic film
Color: transparent
The stretch length is 120cm/47.2", and the cage trays within 70x50cm/27.5"*19.7" can be used

How to use:
1.Sprinkle a little water on the pet cage tray to make the film more compliant.
2.Lay a disposable film pad and flatten it.
3.Extra parts can be folded behind the drawer.
4.When cleaning the cage, wrap the film around and throw it away.