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Playcraftz Tunnel Hammock with L-Shape Wood Activity Platforms for Cage Shelves & Wood Perch Ledges for Small Animals Cages and Pets like Hamsters, Mice, Chinchilla, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Rats.

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  • Great value pack of L-shaped wood platform with soft high quality Tunnel hammock for your small animals
  • Hammock is made of thick soft double layer cotton with detachable hooks for easy installation
  • Large wood platform made from quality pine wood that can be easily adjusted or removed for cleaning
  • Add hours of creative play or rest with these pet cage accessories that are great for Chinchilla, Hamster, Guinea Pigs, Mice and other small animals
  • Install these and your small animals will never have a dull moment in your home! Fun and great looking hammock compliments the clean brown wood platform that make great accessories for the cage!